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Our products range from standard hand and power tools to custom items specifically engineered
Our products range from standard hand and power tools to custom items specifically engineered
Custom Engineering Solutions
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H.F. Wilson’s Commitment to Diversity
H.F. Wilson understands the value of diversity business contributions in the overall Supply Chain process across the industry. For the past 10 years, we have had an internal strategy to encourage, mentor, develop and promote supplier diversity alliances and partnerships that will support and grow our initiatives.

Our continued search makes us look into diverse organizations that can adapt to the ever changing needs of today’s market demands to help us reduce costs, bring about innovation, and, provide our partners with the best value products and services at competitive prices.

Our commitment and search for such alliances includes the sourcing of products and services from:

  • Women business enterprises
  • Minority business enterprises
  • Disabled veteran enterprises
  • Small business enterprises
  • 8(a) business enterprises
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