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H.F. Wilson Company - Custom Engineering Solutions
Our products range from standard hand and power tools to custom items specifically engineered
Our products range from standard hand and power tools to custom items specifically engineered
Custom Engineering Solutions

Heat Guns - Product Detail

Heat Guns - Master Heat Gun, 200 - 300F, 220V

P/N HG-202A

High temperature and power ratings: 1000°F/540°C at up to 1740 watts, accommodates many industrial and commercial heating applications
High air flow rating: 23 CFM at 3000 FPM gets
the job done fast
Powerful high speed universal motor
Sturdy die cast housing
Adjustable non-slip stand
Kits include Heat Gun, A-160-HG Shrink Attachment, 51543 Spreader Attachment & 51544 Reducer Attachment & 51013 Storage Case
Use to bend plastics, cure adhesives, dry parts, heat parts, shrink tubing and packaging, strip paint and more
Optional Momentary Contact Safety Switch turns heat gun off when operator is not pressing it. Available on all Master HG and VT Models, to order ask for the “MC” option or simply add the "MC" suffix to the heat gun model number. Example: HG-501A-MC

Pack Size: ea

$119.18 per ea

Quantity:              Min qty:   1

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  Master Heat Gun, 200° - 300°F, 220V - P/N HG-202A
All prices are subject to change without notice.
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